Sophie's Stories - Master List

Here's the master list for the Sophie stories in the order they should be read. I hope everyone enjoyed them!

Orange Yellow


She Knows

The First Year

The Third Year

The Fifth Year

The Seventh Year 

The Seventeenth Year

Disclaimer: I don't own squat, no seriously, the only thing I own is a figment of my imagination (Sophie), the people and corporations that should own Doctor Who and Torchwood do, the lucky bastards.

With thanks to my betas cookielaura and zazajb and lilferret without whom, this series would have fallen flat, completely flat.

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I been doing artses...

I've been drawing, drawing, drawing lately, and thought I'd share a bit....

Disclaimer: All characters drawn are the properties of Disney, and Dreamworks, I don't own it, although I like playing with it.

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I'm here, truly, maybe, I guess.

Yeah so my story idea, way fun, way cool, but I got nothing, nothing, bubkis, zero, nada, not a dribble, bibble or drop. Maybe it's still percolating, God I hope so because I feel like if I try to write it without the proper inspiration, it is pre-ordained to suck! Suck, suckity, suck suck.

So, the story will take some time, but it will be written, oh yes, it will be written.
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Democratic Convention

Bill Clinton, I love you, you are made of win. His line summarizing the Republican convention was just perfect. "We left him a mess, he didn't clean it up fast enough so fire him and put us back in." Pitch perfect as usual!
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Note to self, when getting in a pissing match with stupid people, don't, just, please, for the love of all that is holy, don't.

There was this article on Yahoo! about how some restaurants are horrid, just horrid places to work. Usually the comments on any story are fun to read, but this was the biggest bunch of whiners and moaners I've ever seen on line, and I like lurking on the Anti-Gwen website just to see the crazy live and up close.

Anyway, one person stated unequivocally that restaurant workers are the most disrespected, mistreated, workers EVER. I took umbrage with this because I work as an Early Childhood Teacher, and in truth, ECE teachers are some of the most mistreated, disrespected, etc. workers out there. I also got a reply stating that teachers only work part time and get great benefits, yes the benefits are good, but no teacher worth their weight works part time, it's just a fact. It bugs me to no end to see just how teachers are taken for granted in this country. I love working with students from India, because when I tell their parents something, by and large, they actually listen to me!

I know this is going to offend some people, but I'm sorry, if you take the greatest gift that you've been given (life not withstanding) your education, and you piss it away in a menial job like flipping burgers for your entire life, you reap what you sow! If you're not happy in your menial job, get your act together, get your education, and pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and do something else with your life!

Case in point, me, (God I sound like a narcissist, sorry,) I know I love teaching, I do, but I do want to work with children who have speech impediments because people tell me I have a natural ability for it. I have debt to pay off, so when I pay off my 3000 dollars in debt (August), I'm going to enroll my ass in a Ph.D program for speech language pathology and do more with my life because it's my goal. McDonald's for life should NOT be someone's goal, ever. 

Long story short, I got so wound up that I stuffed myself full of sweeties and ice cream, and now I can't sleep. 

Stupid Yahoo!
Stupid people!
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